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I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and raised in Houlka, a small rural town forty-five minutes southwest down the famous Natchez Trace. Living in the country with no close neighbors guaranteed I would develop an over active imagination. I didn't have playmates so often made my own up including backstories and lives of their own. I spent hours daily playing games with them, building sand castles for them to live in, and taking them "swimming" in the mud holes of the soybean fields surrounding our home. That imagination would become a love for creating my own worlds.

It wasn't until college that I tried to write my first novel. Unfortunately, it was quite bad and became lost in the shuffle of transitioning between teenager to adult. This minor failure didn't deter my desire to write - it just cooled it for a while. That fire was rekindled in 2012 with the death of a close friend who also aspired to become an author. Robin's passing reminded me that life is too short to ignore your dreams. Because of her, I sat down, determined to finish one book and publish it. Less than a year later, I achieved that goal by publishing Shattered Dreams. My only regret is not being able to share this ride with her. I know if she was here, she would be in the mix of it with me.

Love you, Robin, Mean it!

Several years and many novels later, I continue to pen my stories covering several genres from paranormal to romantic suspense. I currently reside in Meridian, Mississippi with my very supportive family - husband Robert and daughter Rebecca. When I'm not sweating over a new story, I enjoy reading everything I can, talking to my friends all over the world, honing my skills as a YouTube connoisseur, and being bossed around by my pet conure, Poppy.

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