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Justice for Breeze is Live!

Harmony in the Key of Murder is LIVE!

January 8, 2019

The fifth book in the Team Cerberus series is live and available at Amazon and Amazon Unlimited!

Asher "Finch" Finchly has achieved his lifelong dream - he's a Navy Seal. He never thought anything could be better. Then he learned a one night stand made him a father. Now his little girl is missing and he'll do anything to bring her home again. When she suddenly appears with a shy woman who knows nothing about the world, his protective instinct rev up a notch or ten. Someone is out to take them both away from him and he'll die before he allows anything to happen to his girls.

Safeguarding Miley is Live!

August 18, 2018

The fourth novel in the Team Cerberus series is available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimted.

Alcide "Cowboy" Montgomery takes time from his job as a Navy Seal to help his father who is recovering from a major illness. Taking care of people is ingrained in his blood. So, when his sister's best friend uncovers a plot that could wreck havoc on the small town in Wyoming he calls home, he rushes to her rescue. The only problem - he's got a Lancelot complex and Miley is no Guinevere. She doesn't need his help and lets him know it.  But, when things get out of hand, can she learn to trust him? Will she let him be her Cowboy in Shiney Spurs?

June 1, 2018

The first novel of my new series, Hometown Heroes is live!  The ebook is found in Once Upon a Summer Anthology, but the paperback can be purchased separately.

Harmony Tailor, brilliant mechanical engineer, finds more than she bargains for one summer while working in her family's antique shop. A beautiful singing box spells murder and mayhem unless she and Detective Hunter Masterson can figure out the mystery. Their biggest problem? Working together sparks more fireworks than the Fourth of July!