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The GEMS play by their own rules. These global problem-solvers combine grace, firepower, smarts, and a healthy dose of audacious attitudes to get the job done – for a price, of course. After all, the M in GEMS stands for Mercenary.

Jackson “Jax” Guillion, known as Diamond, owns and operates an elite travel agency. What few know is that her legitimate business is also a front for her passion – leading a group of kick-ass women called GEMS. So what if it leaves a gaping hole in her personal life? She’s got better things to do than worry about nurturing a relationship. The occasional one-night stand suits her fine.

Every job is unique, and Jax can normally remain impartial. However, when a client hires them to find and return her ill son’s father, all bets are off. She’ll do what it takes to bring him back, whether he wants it or not.

Too bad nobody warned her he was sexy, dangerous, and exactly her type. Damn, can things get any more complicated?

Of course, they can!

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