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Kiyoko “Emerald” Simmons may be the smallest member of the GEMs team, but that doesn’t mean she can’t take care of herself. The easiest way to get on her bad side is to try and run her life. Therefore, when she learns that her grandparents have arranged a marriage with a complete stranger, she loses her cool. They may be traditionalists, but she is anything but. When the man who would marry her tells her about his true love, Mei, and that she is missing, Kiy decides to do what she can to find her. Even if that means taking a crappy job undercover.

Braxton Dade is part owner of a company that trains and utilizes security dogs. When the woman who is in charge of their Japanese division goes missing, Brax steps in to keep things going. The last thing he anticipated was a tiny firecracker of a woman showing up on his door. Tiny but mighty, she has a take-charge attitude and is insistent on finding Mei. What he didn’t expect was to fall under her spell.

When Kiy disappears, the GEMs and Brax will stop at nothing to find her. The question is if it’s too late or not. Brax knows it is for his heart. Kiy has captured it fully and he’ll move heaven and Japan to get her back again.

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