Harmony in the Key of Murder

Murder has come to Meridian, Mississippi.


While following a lead, newly promoted Investigator, Hunter Masterson, crosses paths with a stunning, yet awkward engineering wizard. Keeping her at arm's length may be vital for his investigation, but proves to be impossible for him personally.


Harmony Tailor misses summer in California. However, working with mechanical items in her uncle's antique shop is a dream come true and when a beautiful singing bird box lands on her workbench, she can’t wait to get her fingers on it. But the box’s owner is murdered and Harmony’s workroom is trashed. If that wasn't enough to stress her out, the lead investigator scrambles her brain and makes her feel things she never has before.


As the mystery deepens so does Hunter's feelings for Harmony. She is a threat to both his investigation and his womanizing ways. Something has to give, and when it does, there's sure to be sparks as hot as a Southern summer's night.

Novella ebook only available in Once Upon a Summer anthology

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Deadly Impressions

Volunteering with Mississippi Search and Rescue Team is an act of love for Ladd Reedy and his four-footed friend, Baxter. With the goal of finding lost loved ones firmly in mind, the duo works tirelessly to help out whenever they can. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing people reunited.


Stumbling across the trophy room of a serial killer is furthermost from Ladd's mind. However, once he's seen the horrors inside, it shakes him to the core. How can one person do this to another? What kind of maniac makes death masks of his victims and displays them upon the wall? The implications are staggering.


Wren Carrolton loves her catering business. Watching others get their happily ever after is a satisfaction in itself. Sometimes, when the ending isn't so happy, she has to find a way to turn it around. That's the case when a client cancels unexpectedly. Faced with disposing of her extravagant meal, she decides to take it to feed volunteers looking for a lost elderly woman. Little did she know she would be meeting her fate that day - in the form of a handsome MSART volunteer and his adorable dog.


However, Ladd isn’t the only ones with his eyes on her.


Now, the man dubbed the Death Mask Killer is stalking Wren, intent on making her an addition to his new gallery of trophies.

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