Shattered Dreams

Carson, a dreamer who can look into someone else's past and delve into the mysteries of a stranger's future cannot foresee what her own life will become. Resigned to her destiny as the caught prey of an ambitious wolf instead of residing with her own life-mate, Carson feels defeated. That is, until she looks into the eyes of the new pack healer.

Chase Blackston, is a confirmed bachelor with a firm grasp on how his life is going to be – ordered, neat and unencumbered. Sent to Sapphire Lake as a replacement for their aging healer, he had no intention of letting anything change his mind or his life. Attending the mate run for his new Alpha's daughter, Chase realizes the prey is more than she seems - she's his true life-mate. Can things get any more complicated?

With the future of Sapphire Lake hanging in the balance, along with the very evident attraction growing between Carson and Chase, no one is aware of the dangerous presence in their very midst.

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Broken Melody

​Carson’s twin brother, Cayson Hennison, has struck out in the love department.  First, his childhood sweetheart is scared of him (it wasn’t his fault!) and now the one that is his true life mate keeps pushing him away.  It’s obvious she has secrets of her own and a past that may be worse than anything he’s ever seen before, but love conquers all; or so they say.  He is, after all, an Empath so emotions are his specialty.

Alexandria Rogers has been running from her past and it’s about to catch up with her.  Even drawn as she is to Cayson, she is afraid of letting him in and tainting him with her curse.  Just when she thinks she can finally let down her defenses, Simon Winstead shows up at Sapphire Lake looking for her with a story that is nearly impossible to believe.

Now she has to decide – run again or stay with the man she loves?

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Betrayal of the worse kind strikes the wolves of Sapphire Lake leaving death and destruction in its wake. Families ripped apart, bonds broken and homes destroyed - it's a daunting task to pull together and face a future without parents, children, and mates.

Rachel and Gabe, newly bonded mates, are caught in the midst of a horrendous tragedy. Not only are their lives and future at stake, a race of ancient beings and a village of innocent women and children face extinction at the hands of a vindictive shifter.

She's the only one who can help...

If she can escape.
If she can find her way through challenges that would make the strong faint.

If she dares to do what's right, no matter the cost.

And time is running out



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