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DIAMOND is Available Now!

July 21, 2020

The first book in the GEMs series is live and available at Amazon and Amazon Unlimited!
What happens when a tough as nails mercenary crosses paths with the man she was paid to find? The heat may start an avalanche that'll bury them both!

The GEMs play by their own rules. These global problem-solvers combine grace, firepower, smarts, and a healthy dose of audacious attitudes to get the job done – for a price, of course. After all, the M in GEMs stands for Mercenary.

Jackson “Jax” Guillion, known as Diamond, leads this group of kick-ass women, behind the front of an elite travel agency. So what if it leaves a gaping hole in her personal life? She wouldn’t trade what she has for anything. Who has time for a personal life when there's wrongs to be righted and money to make doing it?

But when a client hires them to find and return a sick child’s father, all bets are off. She’ll do what it takes to bring him back, whether he wants it or not. Too bad nobody warned her he was sexy, dangerous, and just her type.

Wes Davenport is running from the complicated life he left behind. Spending his days on the slopes would be his favorite pastime - if he wasn't too busy looking over his shoulder. Shock and trepidation filled him when one of those glances back included a beautiful woman intent on taking him back. Dangerous but gorgeous, he can't let his draw to her get in the way - he has to keep running to stay alive. Unfortunately, she's not giving up and neither is he.

Can the two of them find a safe middle ground without getting their hearts involved or will they both give in to the irresistible pull demanding they stay together, no matter what?

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