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What the heck?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hey there!

So, it’s been a long time since I last blogged. Part of that is due to problems I’ve been having with my laptop. For some reason, it suddenly decided it didn’t want to connect to WordPress and nothing I could do would change its mind. Now, I have a new computer and have been working on getting everything up and running again. To my relief, that includes my blog!

What’s been going on since my last post?  A lot.

First, let’s start with my “What the Heck” department.

In the space of the last few days, I’ve had my Author Identity stolen on several platforms. Bookbub wasn’t too bad – I just had to contact them and get the books straightened out. It had someone elses bio and books mixed in with mine. I was concerned but not overly anxious.  Then the big one hit me  – Let me tell you, finding out someone has taken over your Amazon account where all of the book sales takes place is scary as crap! It took me a couple of days to get everything straightened out but I have. They had also taken my email, and today I found my Instagram snagged as well.  I’ve gone through all my accounts, changed my passwords and set up dual security logins.  I’m grateful to have everything back, but I’m at a loss why anyone would do such a thing.  People just make me tired at times!

On to more pleasant things.

I’ve written and released two new books in Team Cerberus as well as getting an awesome new editor. Woody has been a Godsend. We get along so wonderfully!

I also tried my hand at Mississippi Book Festival. Let’s just agree to not speak of that again. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it was a learning one. I learned.  Enough said.

A lot of things has happened in my personal life. We’ve said goodbye to our daughter – she’s gone out into the big world on her own terms. I’m grateful at least she still lives locally so we can see her, but it’s still bittersweet. We filled up the empty nest with pets. We now have a conure bird, a hedgehog, a guinea pig, and a puppy.  Overkill?  Most likely.

I’ve also finally moved into my own space. Yay! It took a while to get everything cleaned out and organized, but I have an office. So glad to have a place just for my writing!

In January, I did my first interview. It’s with Family Impact with Dr. Paul Reeves. The broadcast will be sometime towards the end of February.  Right about that time, I’ll also have my first BookBub deal coming out.  Protecting Joselyn will be offered free for 5 days starting on the 20th. I’m hoping it will introduce a whole new group of people to our beloved Team Cerberus guys.

Speaking of the guys, with the publication of Cowboy’s book, Safeguarding Miley, and Finch’s book, Justice for Breeze, we are down to the last two team members. Railroad’s book, Guarding Ara, will be coming out this summer with Toad’s unnamed book bringing up the rear late fall. Bittersweet… I’ve devoted the last 2 years to my guys. I’ll be sorry to see them go, even if it is with the knowledge they are all happy and healthy.  Who knows? Maybe we’ll see them again soon.

Finally, I’m working on a new Hometown Heroes book that should be out within the next couple of months. It’s unnamed  at present but I think you will enjoy it. It concerns a Search and Rescue guy and his dog, Baxter.  I’m also working on a new series called GEMS that will start this year. More on that later!

It’s good to be back again. Ya’ll stay happy and see you soon!

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