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Securing Ara

Hudson “Railroad” Houseman is the newest and youngest member of his SEAL team. He’s also the most reserved and plays his cards close to his chest – not only when it comes to his job, but also his personal life. The wild and crazy bachelor lifestyle doesn’t appeal to him. He’d rather have one girl in his life than a revolving door of many and he’s got his eye on the one that he wants. The only problem is he needs to convince her of his sincerity.

Dr. Ara Palmer worked hard to get where she was in her career. As a Navy psychologist and trauma therapist, she finds satisfaction in helping her clients cope with problems and situations inherent to military service. Most would call it boring, but she found it to be thrilling – a little too thrilling lately as her life seems to have become one long list of accidents and mishaps. But, what if those accidents weren’t misfortune?

A mission gone wrong gets Railroad captured in a hostile country. He’s surprised to find someone from the team’s past has masterminded the whole thing in a bid to take them out, one at a time. With the others hurt, another team, headed by Wolf Steel, is sent in to rescue the hostages. Time is of the essence as one of them is critically wounded. They have to get them out, and now, before it’s too late for one of Railroad’s friends and for Ara. She’s been targeted and it’ll be game over if he doesn’t get home in time to save her.

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