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Shielding Evanleigh

Finding her sister, Alabama, was Evanleigh’s first priority. She never expected her travels to California would put her square in the sights of an Alpha male SEAL. He’s hot, sexy, and a known womanizer, so why would he ever look twice at her?

Reese "Toad" Harkins used to love his bachelor life, but recently he’s found it empty. One look at the feisty woman searching for her sister, and he’s intrigued. After talking to her, he’s hooked. The only problem is, she has a complication back home and he’s no poacher. The friend zone is new to him but he’ll take what he can get.

But when danger comes calling, Toad and both SEAL teams unite with some out of town friends to keep the sisters safe. After all, nothing comes between a SEAL and the woman he loves.

Not even complications.

Available Now!

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Standard Edition

Autographed Edition

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