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Protecting Joselyn


For three terrifying years, Joselyn Kendrik lived a half-life in Witness Protection hiding from a serial murderer and rapist nicknamed 'The Gardener'. After he was killed while placing a slashed teddy bear dressed as her on her father's grave, she could finally look forward to some normalcy in her life.  Her newfound peace is shattered a year later when she receives a sinister gift eerily similar to others sent by The Gardener. Although assured by the police it is a copycat, she isn't as confident. Regardless of his identity, her stalker has made one thing perfectly clear; he's set his sights on her and nothing will stop him.


Maddox "River" Benson is looking in the rear-view mirror at a twenty-year career with the Navy SEALs. Contemplating an uncertain future, River jumps at the chance to assist an old friend in the New Orleans Police Department. There is an unknown stalker zeroing in on an innocent young woman. Although there is only so much the police can do officially, River isn't as restricted. Protecting Joselyn is his only priority.


Joselyn's schedule is a bane to River's security strategy. The feisty beauty is intent on pursuing her budding career regardless of her sexy bodyguard's advice. Although their opinions clash in the beginning, the escalating threats force them to come to a compromise. He must trust her with freedom and she must trust him with her life. Meanwhile, the growing attraction between them creates an entirely different set of issues.


How can he concentrate on protecting Joselyn when thoughts of claiming her for his own continually distract him?


When her stalker draws closer, will one ex-SEAL have what it takes to ensure her survival?

Will River be able to Protect Joselyn?

Saving Olivia

Two million people disappear into human trafficking every year. Olivia Parker would never have believed she could be one of them. Born to a barely functional mother and caring for her dependent brother, Olivia was determined to make their future better than their troubled past. Instead, she finds herself thrown into a nightmare from which she cannot awaken

Navy Seal, Grayson "Bruiser" Titus, abandoned as a baby, creates a family with his SEAL team. He would do anything for them and knows they would do the same. However, something is missing - could he find it with the intriguing beautiful sister of Jayden Parker? Meeting Olivia feels like looking at his future wrapped in a pair of deep hazel eyes.

Bruiser's team would follow him into the pits of hell. It only stands to reason when Olivia disappears they rally around him. Being SEALs meant they often battled the worse dregs of humanity for God and Country.

However, this is personal.

Saving her is a one-in-a-million long shot, but they will do whatever it takes to bring her home. The only question is: will it be in time to save both body and mind or will her new reality finally break her spirit?

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Defending Demma

Demma St.John, young and rising starlet, landed the role of her career. Tapped to play the lead in a movie based on bestselling author Joselyn Chambers' novel, it looked like she had everything going for her.  She should be happy.  Unfortunately, someone has found out her secret and is now blackmailing her. Terrified it will all come crashing down, she does the only thing she can do; she hires Starpower Inc. to keep her and her career safe.

 Ryker "Digger" McMillan normally worked behind the scenes at the prominent agency representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Medically discharged from military service at twenty-six, he prefers to stay in the background, working his magic in the digital world.  Tinsel town is a fickle world and none of the beautiful people wants to be seen with a horribly disfigured man.  That is, until Demma St. John chose him.  It's going to take brawn and brains to save her and Digger has both.

When push turns to shove and faith turns to love, can Demma trust him enough to navigate the dangerous waters her past has produced or will this be her final curtain call?

Defending Demma is just one of the seven stories in Can't Buy Me Love anthology.

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Rescuing Annabeth

The biggest book exposition of the year is just around the corner and literary agent Annabeth Switcher is feeling the pressure. Between babysitting her newest client hell-bent on making her miserable and taking care of the thousands of little things that require her attention, she doesn't have time for a personal life. No matter how much a certain Navy SEAL enters her thoughts.


Levi "Hick" Salter spotted the curvy redhead beauty at a friend's wedding. She is vivacious, brassy and so full of life, he's drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Even though they live on opposite sides of the country, their mutual attraction is too much to resist. Thus begins a long distance relationship for these "friends with benefits." They can't be more - he's committed to his duty and she's got her own life. Phone calls and the occasional meet up is the best they can hope for.


The Navy combines Hick's team with the one headed by Matthew "Wolf" Steel to hunt down a terrorist cell intent on bring down Western culture. While Hick is out trying to save the world from fanatics, Annabeth's concentrating on insuring her clients have a smooth convention. Neither knew their two worlds would collide so violently.


When the cell sets their sights on the literary exposition, Hick must rally the SEALs to save the day and his curvy bombshell.  Nothing else matters but Rescuing Annabeth.

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Safeguarding Miley

Dr. Miley Ellison loves her career choice.  Taking care of small animals is her passion - the larger ones? Not so much. However, when her grandfather leaves her his practice in Wyoming, she resigns herself to a life of dealing mostly with livestock.  It isn't ideal but at least she's in control of her own life. If only her mind would focus on the job and not on her best friend's sexy brother. Dating him is not an option.  It doesn't help he's got a Lancelot complex and she's no Guinevere.

Alcide Montgomery, known as Cowboy by his SEAL team, faces returning to duty after being home to care for his sick father.  Being protective is a part of his psyche -  he can't help but rescue damsels in distress. One look at Miley and he knows she's going to need help. However, she lets him know it's neither wanted nor welcomed -- a first for him.

One day, Miley's at the wrong place at the wrong time, plunging her into trouble of the deadly kind. Cowboy rides to her rescue, saving her life and protecting her from harm. Unfortunately, it's not over. As Cowboy wars with his commitment to rejoin his teammates, he worries who will be Miley's knight in shining armor.


Who's going to fight for Miley while he's fighting for his country?

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Justice for Breeze

From the moment Asher "Finch" Finchly laid eyes on a Navy Officer when he was a child, his only thought was to become a SEAL. Every action he took was with the single minded goal of becoming an elite special forces member. He vowed to let nothing get in his way.

Then one night of revelry changed everything.

Two years into realizing his dream, Finch suddenly found himself as a father. Now, there was someone more important than his dreams or duty. Love for his daughter taught him there was something more to life. He would kill for one of Lolly's beautiful smiles - and then the unthinkable happens--she and her mother disappear without a trace.

Raised in an isolated cult, Breeze knows only her simple life - farming, taking care of children, and paying homage to The Mother Gaia. When one of the members escapes with her daughter, Breeze agrees to go along and help, so she leaves her world behind to face the uncertainty of the Outside. Everything is strange in this unknown world, but nothing is more unusual than the feelings she has for the father of the little girl. He stirs feelings in her she's never known and makes her question everything she stood for. Could her entire life be one big lie?

Finch is happy to have his daughter home, but something is not right. Someone is watching her - waiting for him to let down his guard, determined to take away everything he holds dear. He's in for the fight of his life to get back his daughter and the woman who has stolen his heart. Lolly and Breeze are all that matters. No matter what, he will keep them safe or die trying.

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Securing Ara

Hudson “Railroad” Houseman is the newest and youngest member of his SEAL team. He’s also the most reserved and plays his cards close to his chest – not only when it comes to his job, but also his personal life. The wild and crazy bachelor lifestyle doesn’t appeal to him. He’d rather have one girl in his life than a revolving door of many and he’s got his eye on the one that he wants. The only problem is he needs to convince her of his sincerity.
Dr. Ara Palmer worked hard to get where she was in her career. As a Navy psychologist and trauma therapist, she finds satisfaction in helping her clients cope with problems and situations inherent to military service. Most would call it boring, but she found it to be thrilling – a little too thrilling lately as her life seems to have become one long list of accidents and mishaps. But, what if those accidents weren’t misfortune?
A mission gone wrong gets Railroad captured in a hostile country. He’s surprised to find someone from the team’s past has masterminded the whole thing in a bid to take them out, one at a time. With the others hurt, another team, headed by Wolf Steel, is sent in to rescue the hostages. Time is of the essence as one of them is critically wounded. They have to get them out, and now, before it’s too late for one of Railroad’s friends and for Ara. She’s been targeted and it’ll be game over if he doesn’t get home in time to save her.

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Shielding Evanleigh

Finding her sister, Alabama, was Evanleigh’s first priority. She never expected her travels to California would put her square in the sights of an Alpha male SEAL. He’s hot, sexy, and a known womanizer, so why would he ever look twice at her?

Reese “Toad” Harkins used to love his bachelor life, but recently he’s found it empty. One look at the feisty woman searching for her sister, and he’s intrigued. After talking to her, he’s hooked. The only problem is, she has a complication back home and he’s no poacher. The friend zone is new to him but he’ll take what he can get.

But when danger comes calling, Toad and both SEAL teams unite with some out of town friends to keep the sisters safe.  After all, nothing comes between a SEAL and the woman he loves. 

Not even complications.

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